As every job has different requirement, a number of factors will determine the overall cost of your retaining wall.

  • Retaining wall measurement ( heights + Length)
  • Design and products/materials
  • accessibility to the job site 
  • Council permits
  • Engineering Specs

A1 Retaining provides potential customers with a free no obligation quote consultation. We meet with you on site to discuss your retaining wall design, needs and ideas. Following consultation laser measurements of your desired retaining wall will be taken and drawn up into plans, then the required materials suitable for the design will be determined and together with your retaining wall specifications A1 Retaining will provide you with a free no obligation written quote.



Do I need a council building Permit?

Victoria and New South Wales differ slightly in their permit requirements

  • In Victoria you will need a permit if your wall is over 1 meter high or if building on the boundary Line
  • In New South Wales you need a permit if your wall is over 600mm high or within 1 metre of the boundary line.
  • In Victoria A1 Retaining can do your permit process, but the New South Wales home owner will need to complete a DA for New South Wales requirements. A1 Retaining can help with drawing for your DA.

Can i Build over and easement?

Yes, you can build on or over an easement but the correct permit will need to be applied for.

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