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Retaining walls
Retaining Wall albury Wodonga
Albury Wodonga Retaining walls
Retaining Wall Albury Wodonga
Albury wodonga
Retaining walls
Retaining Wall albury Wodonga
Albury Wodonga Retaining walls
Albury Retaining

Retaining wall installer Albury Wodonga

At A1 Retaining we are a team of experienced retaining wall landscapers who specialise in the design and construction of high-quality retaining wall solutions across the local Albury Wodonga border regions.

Most land that is currently sold is sloped, which makes the area unusable for entertainment, mowing, play equipment and, most important, control water run-off that causes erosion.  A1 Retaining can combat the issue with designing a retaining wall that controls your water run-off and the ability to give you a bigger and better yard.

Why install a Retaining wall?

  • Give you a level area, for a back or front yard
  • Stop erosion due to sloped block
  • Help control water and flooding
  • Help to prevents landslides
  • Raised garden beds
  • Split areas of your yard
  • Add value to your home by making the property a bigger area and functional

All Retaining walls are drawn up and lasered to meet your ground levels and the requirements to have a full functional Retaining wall that is going to meet your needs and budget.

A1 Retaining supports local businesses in the making of your wall, We use 1.8 and 2.35 sleepers that can come in different colours and textures from our local supplier

2.35m sleepers are good for boundary lines as this is the size of the fencing panels and in the long run you'll be saving time and money with the spacing under the fence as less cutting and time on site for your fencer

With A1 Retaining drawings we can show you how it will look and go over any issues you may have before construction of the wall begins


Can I build over an easement or on the boundary?

Retaining Walls Albury Wodonga

Yes you can build on your boundary line and you can build over an easement, With a boundary line you'll need approval from home owners around you and permit to build the retaining wall.

With an easement it depends who owns the easement and what regulations they require to be met to avoid striking their infrastructure that is underground and agree to the terms to building on/over an easement.

For a free quote you can call us on 0428198590

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