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Albury Wodonga A1 Retaining Wall

Albury Wodonga Retaining Wall Landscapers

At A1 Retaining we are a team of experienced retaining wall landscapers who specialise in the design and construction of high quality retaining wall solutions across the local Albury Wodonga border regions.

Whether you're seeking a new retaining wall build or wanting to replace an existing retaining wall, A1 Retaining walls will add stability, support and value to your property's landscape design. Above all, our retaining walls work to maximise the usable outdoor area while providing the all important structural function of retaining your property's unstable soil, and control water run-off and drainage to prevent erosion and land movement.

In addition, our high-quality retaining wall materials provide you with various design options of traditional concrete sleepers in lengths of either 1.8 or 2.35 meters, or textured sleepers made in various colours at 1.8 meter lengths.

Retaining wall Albury wodongaRetaining walls Albury Wodonga

Importantly, we are highly experienced and capable in doing all the vital initial ground work for you in relation to:

  • the development of professionally drawn retaining wall design plans,
  • applying for council permits and site inspections,
  • and/or build to engineer's specifications where required.

Furthermore, our team at A1 Retaining will also liaise and work closely with residential builders when required for your new property build, as well as other local fencing and concreting businesses.

Why go A1 Retaining?

All our concrete sleeper walls are done based on engineering specs and no short cuts are taken while building your wall, even when an engineering isn't need for you property.

A lot of people will get there builder to put a wall in, this is fine but the wall will cost you over the life of your loan, based on a $10,000 wall at 5% over 30 years your looking at paying $19000+ by the end of you loan.

We will design and draw your plans so you can see how your wall will be before we even start you Retaining wall also let you be part of the build when it comes to the design or change that is needed during the build.

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Styles and colours


Retaining wall Albury Wodonga

Natural Concrete sleeper

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Charcoal Grey

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Retaining Limestone

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Wood Grain - Brown Sleeper

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Charcoal Grey

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Rock Faced - Bluestone

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Rock Face - Charcoal Grey

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Rock face - Taupe

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Rock Face - Sandstone

Retaining Albury Wodonga

Stacker Stone - Charcoal Grey

 Retaining Albury Wodonga

Stacker Stone - Bluestone

*Note: we do not make the Retaining wall sleepers but these are from our local supplier. Colour and texture only come in 1810 size retaining wall sleepers and not in 2350.

Each sleeper has a different cost, so if you would like to change let us know so we can factor that in to you quote 


A1 Retaining Other Services

At A1 Retaining we also provide additional landscaping services to complement your property's design and maintenance, such as yard levelling and landscaping preparation, irrigation systems and turf installation.

No matter the size, design or budget of your retaining wall and outdoor landscaping requirements, our reliable team at A1 Retaining are highly skilled and resourceful professionals, with proven results to provide superior long-lasting retaining solutions. For an obligation free quote contact us at A1 Retaining through our "Enquiry/Quote Page"


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